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Goals for 2023

Now that we're in the last week of the year, I take this time to look forward to establishing goals for 2023. I keep a few items in mind when I look to establish goals.

Set a timeline

Setting a timeline ensures I have a deadline to keep me on my to-do list. If there's no deadline, I tend to let things slip by the wayside (Um, hello, Google Analytics certification...) because I'd rather spend my spare time working on my quilting art.

Be realistic

Sure, I'd love to be able to accomplish EVERYTHING on my nearly never-ending business to-do list, but with having a family, volunteering, and trying to get my work for clients done, I can't do it all.

Add a way to measure success

Measuring success may include an income goal, number of clients, or some other standard of measurement. This ensures that there is concrete progress rather than a nebulous goal.

With all this in mind, here are my goals for 2023

  1. Complete Google Analytics training

  2. Increase my income by 25%

  3. Purchase a computer and additional monitor that's only for my business, so I can stop using my laptop for business

  4. Complete a Wordpress website-building course.

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