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Happily Ever Quilting Website

Happily Ever Quilting of Ohio Logo

This year, I've had the opportunity to work with more members of the Longarm League. I've had various requests for help, from maintaining and improving current websites to constructing websites from scratch.

Kim H. of Happily Ever Quilting needed a new website from scratch. As part of the discovery call process, I learned more about Kim and her husband and found that, like our family, they are Disney addicts!

I found that Kim's logo reminded me of Mary Blair artwork I've seen in the Disney Parks, and the colors of magenta, navy, and a dark seafoam green. This palette and theme of "happily bringing your quilts to life" made creating the website fun and exciting.

Take a moment to check out Kim's website, and if you need a longarm quilter in Ohio, check her out!

Home page of Happily Ever Quilting, a Longarm Quilting Studio in Ohio

Are you in need of a new website? I can help! I like to provide an utterly done-for-you approach, from the site's construction to the behind-the-scenes SEO setup.

Tell me more about your project!

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