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Get to Know Birch Tree Creative

Hello there! I’m glad you’re here! Would you like to grab a cuppa to get to know me?

I started Birch Tree Creative as a way to help out quilt pattern designers who may be struggling with the constant pull in every direction. I’ve learned some awesome skills in the 4 years I’ve been volunteering on the Portland Modern Quilt Guild’s Executive Board. I’ve served in three different positions. Once as President in 2019, once as Programs Coordinator for Workshops and twice as the Vice President of Social Media and Technology.

Now that I'm no longer on the board, I’d like to use all of the skills I learned to use for not only quilt pattern designers, but those who have a creative business. By focusing on this niche, I feel like I can really make a difference for you. I know how it feels to have all the oppressive busy work hanging over you, and all you’d rather do is go create. I LOVE to focus on the nitty gritty in the back end, whether it’s creating new shop listings, or going through content that’s already on your website to optimize the SEO (or as I constantly mis-type SEW) so you can be found a lot easier to editing video destined for YouTube.

When I’m not working at the computer, I’m a stay at home mom for two kids. I, too, love to quilt and sew. My original designs (which you can see here!) have been featured Curated Quilts, QuiltCon Together and the European Patchwork Meeting.

I even have a design that’s coming out in a magazine early next year, and I can’t wait to talk about that!

If there’s something that you’re interested in me helping out with

that you don’t see on the website, don’t be afraid to ask! I love to learn new skills. Tackling Premiere Pro during pandemic is one example! I also recently just subscribed to the entire Adobe suite and my goal for 2022 is to be able to become proficient at all of these programs to offer assistance to other quilt creatives.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! Let me know if you have any questions!

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