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Five Tips for Social Media Marketing

Social media may feel overwhelming like you’re shouting about your newest design out into a void. In this post, I identify five tips for making your social media marketing effective, while not making it your full-time job!

Identify your audience

The first key to an effective marketing strategy is to know who you’re wanting to target. This means you need to identify your ideal client. Do they like to see photographs with filters? How about a quilt swirl? By niching your media’s appearance down to your ideal client, you’re creating a cohesive look that will start to filter into your streams, which means it will start to attract your ideal client.

Another benefit of marketing to your ideal audience is that most social media business tools offer a way to see WHEN your audience is active on their platforms, making it more likely your content will be shown to them. Be sure to convert your Instagram account to a business profile. Meta also offers a Business Suite if you have a Facebook page to managing posts to Instagram and Facebook. This tool also offers optimization when you post.

Content Calendar

While flying by the seat of your pants has been working so far, you might find that creating a content calendar helps to guide your social media towards your ideal audience. While you don’t need to have your pattern launches planned out for the entire year, it’s helpful to have a bit of a plan, even if it’s just a week at a time. I recommend working forward for at least a month. What works for me, is when I think of ideas, I’ll take a note, and then add it to my Google Calendar the next time I’m at the computer.

Take advantage of unique ‘holidays,’ and plan your content around them. Have a doughnut-themed quilt pattern? For the week of June 3rd (this year’s Doughnut Day), plan your content around doughnuts! For example:

  • Monday - Your Doughnut quilt pattern

  • Tuesday - an Instagram story with a poll about cake vs. risen doughnuts, and make a post in your timeline asking followers to vote. Make sure to use your doughnut quilt in the background!

  • Wednesday - Highlight a local doughnut business or businesses

  • Thursday - Highlight any other social media accounts that have made and posted your pattern

  • Friday - Image or video of you enjoying a doughnut on your doughnut quilt

Good Photography

Social media is a visual medium, which means good photography is essential. Does this mean you need to go hire a professional photographer or learn how to use a high-end DSLR camera? No! Use your phone’s camera with natural light. Visit a unique location, and make sure your quilt is the focus of the image. Edit your photo to bring out the colors! Your phone’s camera software should have filters you can access, and there are a wealth of photo editing apps available for download. Instagram even gives you the ability to edit your photos!

Embrace the Tools!

Now that you know when you want to schedule, have a plan and have good photos now is the time to schedule your posts! This can be done in Meta’s Business Suite as well as other schedulers like Hootsuite, Planoly, and Meet Edgar. Want to preview what your feed will look like? Download the Preview app! Want to create some awesome Infographics? Look into Canva!


With the algorithms changing all of the time, it’s been said that in order for your message to be seen enough for your customers to take action, you need to put your idea out there at least 7 times! Does that mean you need to post the same post 7 times? No! In fact, most social media platforms prioritize new content, as that is what keeps their users coming back to their platform! Find a way to make your posts unique and engaging. Make sure to include a call to action, even if it’s just to comment on the post. I hope going over these tips has helped with any overwhelm you may be feeling about social media marketing. If you’re still feeling anxious, I can help!

Schedule a time to chat with me about what Birch Tree Creative can do to help your business!

I take on the more tedious work, so you can focus on creating!

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