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Birch Tree Creative

A Virtual Assistant focused on partnering with creative small businesses in the sewing and quilting industry.

Organized Desk

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

Have you ever felt you were drowning under the pressure of doing all of the busy work tasks for your business?  Or do you feel like you haven't gotten to the fun parts of your business, like designing, when you have endless items on your to-do list?  Birch Tree Creative is here to help!

Birch Tree Creative is a Virtual Assistant business founded in 2021 by Erin Case to help take the stress off of creative small businesses, particularly quilt pattern designers.    


Erin loves to be able to take the mundane tasks off of her clients' plates so they to be able to focus on the more creative aspects of what they love to do.  

Ready to take the next step but unsure how the process works?  
As a longarm quilter, maintaining a current business website is my least favorite task. Prior to working with Erin, my website was neglected, unorganized and out of date. Erin has a talent and unique eye for creating and organizing websites in a way that is simple, beautiful and makes sense. Since hiring Erin my business has nearly doubled. When I ask new clients how they found me, most of them say a web search, so I know that this is thanks to Erin's work to improve my website's look and function along with it's SEO.

Contact Birch Tree Creative

I'd love to hear about your project!  Drop me a line, and I'll get right back to you!

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