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Help For Quilt Guilds

Hello Guild Leader! Let me guess... You've just taken the reigns of a quilt guild and aren't sure where to start, and there's SO MUCH TO DO!

I know how that feels; I've been there! With my four years of experience helping to run one of the larger Modern Quilt Guilds, I can help! My total experience includes being the 2019 President of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild, the 2018 and 2020 Vice President of Technology and Social Media, and the 2020 Co-Programs Chair for Workshops. I've nearly done it all!

One of the first steps of starting a guild is creating a website to let others in your area know about your guild! I can help you create a stunning website that will not only include all the important information (without being too overwhelming for prospective members) but all of the behind-the-scenes work to attract attention in Google searches.

Pricing for this help is based on what your needs are. To find out more information:

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